FFXIV Class Guide

One of the primary decisions for every FFXIV players is to choose the best job/class that suits every player’s personalities. Most players would spend growling hours to level up their characters and just to find out that they don't like their build because of too many flaws on the later stages of the game.

By purchasing the FFXIV Class Guide you will understand each job/class carefully and choose the right classes and job that fits to your liking. The FFXIV Class/Job Guide will also provide information for every discipline such as Disciple of Wars , who are weapon-masters who live for battle and have available to them various classes that excel at dealing physical damage, Disciples of Magic wield magic to either harm and heal. They are being adept at striking foes with destructive spells or assisting their allies with healing spells. Disciple of Land, the harvesters of nature's bounty utilize an array of tools in their work with all forms of plants and minerals. Disciple of Hand drives the manufacturing and production side of Eorzea.

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FFXIV class guide was created by a veteran mmorpg player and a Final fantasy player who have been following the series. The guide gives detailed instructions and analysis of every Class' Strengths and Weaknesses by the top players in the game, you likely to know what to do whether on a group or solos. This guide not only provides you information on each class but with added bonuses as well on how you can never be at lost on the game.

Highlights of the FFXIV Class Guide;

- Get to find which class suits you on different type of situations.

- Discover a complete list of abilities that each weapon have.

- Learn how to find the best weapons on the game and find out where to find them.

- Get to know the strenghts and weaknesses of each class.

- A step by step walkthrough on the classes abilities and skills to create a perfect build.

- Advance strategy guide on how you can go solo hunting or in group play.

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